Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are all the products on your website silver?  

A. No, majority of our products are genuine 925 sterling silver, some are 316 & 304 Stainless Steel and some are 14K Polished Gold Brass.

Q. Are all your sterling silver jewellery handmade?

A. Yes, all of our sterling silver jewellery are handcrafted in Turkey.

Q. Are all your sterling silver jewellery stamped with ''925''? 

A. Yes, all our sterling silver jewellery is stamped with “925”.

Q. Are all your sterling silver jewellery Nickel and Lead free? 

A. Our 925 sterling silver jewellery conforms to International, European and American legislation regarding lead, nickel and heavy metal content. Our products are regularly tested to ensure compliance with these laws.

Q. Why does 925 sterling silver jewellery tarnish? 

A. Sterling silver jewellery is 92.5% silver and 7.5% other metals. It's the other metals, primarily copper, that cause sterling silver to tarnish. The other metals react to moisture and sulphur in the air, causing the sterling silver tarnish. Sterling silver jewellery tarnishes faster in areas with high humidity and air pollution.

Q. How do I prevent my sterling silver jewellery from tarnishing? 

A. Keep your silver jewellery clean and dry them by using cloths, cleansers, and jewellery bags/boxes among other things. Wear your silver jewellery after you have completed your beauty regimen and take it off when you arrive back home. Do not wear your silver jewellery while cleaning, swimming and taking a shower.

Q. How do you clean silver jewellery?

A. To clean lightly tarnished silver jewellery items, wash in warm water with phosphate free mild soap, rinse and dry thoroughly with a soft cotton cloth. Please take your heavily tarnished jewellery to a jeweller for professional help.

Q. Do you have a limit on Afterpay?

A. Yes, there is a minimum purchase amount required of $50AUD to be able to use Afterpay.